Take a look at our hotel with the Evenia Rocafort Virtual Tour

Evenia Rocafort Hotel offers to the guests who want to stay in our hotel the possibility to make the Evenia Rocafort Virtual Tour. They will be able to verify the quality of the facilities of our Evenia Rocafort Hotel with a panoramic view of 360º.

The Evenia Rocafort virtual tour starts from the hotel main entrance and takes us through the most common areas of the hotel such as the hall, reception and the cafeteria, where breakfast is served each morning. If we want to check the room facilities, we must first address to the elevator, in front of the desk and go up, once there we must follow the corridor up to the room. Inside the room we can move easily to see every detail of the room.

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From the Evenia Rocafort Hotel believe that the virtual tour will help our guests to have a better perspective of our hotel, offering to them an added value in the booking process with us. Our Evenia Rocafort virtual tour allows you to see in great detail the main areas of the hotel and even to have the opportunity to enter one of our rooms.


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